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Dieter Reuther

With a passion for people, process, and technology, Dieter helps organizations bring out the best in teams and individuals. He helps teams communicate better and break down barriers based on demographic, profession or culture. He taps into creative energies, modes of thought, and ways of seeing that many adults have forgotten they even possess to unleash innovative and creative solutions for complex problems while having fun at the same time.

Dieter ReutherPreviously Dieter launched and ran his own design firm in Germany and, as a design operations and technology leader, helped the innovation and design consultancy Ziba Design become a global leader.

As a member of the advisory council of Design Museum Boston, he is actively involved in building bridges between creative groups in the greater Boston area and educating the public about design.

He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University, Munich, Germany, and a Masters in Business Administration from George Fox University, Portland, OR.

Cast Collective

Based on project needs we cast a team with specific capabilities and experiences. This way we stay flexible and can provide the right team for the right project. This is a fundamental approach of Cast Collective.

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